The last upgrade!

I was sandbagging waiting for Cascade Stage Race 2014 when I crashed in July, broke a collarbone… wah.

Well the next day I decided fuck it, might as well stop sandbagging and put in for that cat 1 upgrade!

The last upgrade

Starting out as a hanging-on cat 5, I never thought I’d be a middling cat 1 but here I am!

For some, a 2->1 upgrade might not mean much since p/1/2 fields are usually combined, but imma do some Pro/1 races next year so it changes a ton!

Plus I can now look down on almost everyone I race against, a nice bonus. And on group rides cat 4’s can brag about hanging on to or dropping a “cat 1”.

I’m already looking forward to 2015, trying out some NRC/NCC races (pro/1 fields!), and maybe giving Cascade a shot if I’m stupid/bold enough. 

Then there’s USAC Elite Nationals, in nearby Tahoe 2015 & 2016! Gonna go just to say I did, and you never know…

we’ll it happened.. Davis July 4th crit was not all that fun for me this year.

about 10 mins into the race two guys rubbed wheels in front of me and went down. tried and failed to hop the bike on the ground in my way, flipped over bars.. landed on my back.

result was 1 broken collarbone, 5 broken ribs, and some fractured vertebrae. and of course some sweet road rash!!

so yeah. right before Cascade, a target race.. fml.

6-8 weeks in a sling isn’t helping fitness much, season is pretty much over.

which is torture for this race addict in norcal!

at least it’s been a good season up to this point, and I got my cat 1 upgrade points!